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Roundup: HB Talks featuring Forbes’ 2020 Cloud 100

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    Mina BenothmanGrowth Marketing Manager
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Earlier today, Forbes in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, announced its annual ranking of the world’s top private cloud companies. The companies selected for the Cloud 100 are recognized for their growth, sales, valuation, and culture, as well as a reputation score derived in consultation with 43 CEO judges and executives from their public-cloud-company peers.

We’re incredibly proud to see Heavybit alumni companies Stripe, Snyk, and LaunchDarkly on the list. We are also just as excited for the companies that have long been a part of our community and that we have had the privilege of hosting on our stage. Below is a roundup of some of our favorite talks featuring this year’s Cloud 100.

Deployment Best Practices featuring LaunchDarkly and HashiCorp

Thanks to the evolution of devops & the emergence of containers, applications are more portable now than ever before. So now the question is, how do startups build products to satisfy the needs of on-prem, cloud SaaS and hybrid cloud customer deployments? In this DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready panel, founders Edith Harbaugh and Mitchell Hashimoto discuss the impact of architecture on a company’s deployment options, and their visions of the future of deployment.

From DevTool to Dev Ecosystem featuring GitLab and Zapier

Few growth-stage companies succeed on a sole product offering. This DevGuild: Product Marketing panel of successful co-founders, including Sid Sijbrandij and Mike Knoop explores how successful B2B companies go from delivering a single developer tool, to building massive ecosystems, with real examples in how repackaging, new market expansion, and competitive analysis have made them category leaders.

Building High-Fidelity Personas and Segmenting Users featuring Stripe and Figma

There is no universal developer, nor is there just one universal developer segment. In this second DevGuild: Product Marketing panel, Stripe’s Tanya Khakbaz and Figma’s (and formerly Intercom’s) Stephanie Zou, offers the audience the key components of high-fidelity personas, the research methodologies required to craft them, and the assets to capture and communicate to various segments.

These are just some of our favorites. We have a lot more in our library, featuring the founders of Auth0, DigitalOcean and Segment, the CEO of Gainsight, and marketing leaders from Pendo and Tanium, just to name a few. We’re constantly hosting events and publishing new content so make sure you’re subscribed to our updates.