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JAN 13, 20212 MIN

The Most Popular Pieces of Content from 2020

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Mina Benothman's Headshot

Mina Benothman

Growth Marketing Manager, Heavybit

    There’s no right way to describe what kind of year 2020 was and perhaps it’s best that we leave it behind us. But at the same time, last year was a big year for the devtools space (and a ‘Blockbuster’ year for IPOs) so as a final reflection, I want to offer some of the good news and popular headlines from the Heavybit community in 2020.

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    In the Heavybit Library:

    • OKRs for Startups: How to Set Effective OKRs for the First Time


    • Demuxed #13: Two-Way Video and Beyond with Sarah Allen of Veriskope

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    From the DevToolsDigest:

    • ReadMe: 7 Ways to Improve the Design of Your Documentation

    • Tomasz Tunguz: How Developer Marketing Parallels Consumer Marketing

    • Glenn Solomon: Why Devs are Fueling the Next $1Trillion Software Wave

    • Orbit: Introducing the Orbit Model Airtable Template

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