About Heavybit

Heavybit is the leading investor in developer-first companies with an unrivaled track record helping technical founders achieve breakout success.

Intentional Capital

Purpose-built for technical founders, we invest capital backed by candor from technical partners who’ve been there before and advised dozens of successful companies.

$500k-$5mPre-seed to Series A

Unmatched Expertise

Heavybit is the domain authority on bottom-up developer companies. Our team-based structured approach helps founders turn visions into movements, products into platforms, and contributors into communities.

A Unique Community

Heavybit’s partnership, team, and community of technical founders and 600+ domain experts have an unequaled track record of nurturing developer-first startups.

140+Technical Founders

What Will You Transform?

Heavybit founders build the future of software. We accept rolling applications from early-stage devtool and infrastructure company founders year round. Ready to take the next step?