The Leading Fund for Developer and Enterprise Startups

Heavybit is the leading investor in developer-first startups that turn visions into movements, products into platforms, and contributors into communities.

Since 2013, Heavybit companies have redefined how teams build, deploy, secure, and scale mission-critical technology. From JAMstack, to DevSecOps, to feature flagging, Heavybit founders build the future of software from the bottom up.

Our partnership, team, and community of technical founders and 600+ domain experts have an unequaled track record of nurturing developer-first startups.

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A Structured Accelerator

Heavybit’s accelerator program helps devtools and enterprise software teams tackle their biggest challenges and achieve breakout success.

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Welcome Tailscale

We’re happy to welcome Tailscale to the Heavybit community. Learn more about the team and their approach to simple, secure networking.

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Adapting to Remote Work

GitLab Head of Remote Darren Murph recently shared tactics for fostering a remote fluent team with the Heavybit community.

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