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Heavybit’s partnership, team, and community of technical founders and 600+ domain experts have an unequaled track record of nurturing developer-first startups.

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Exceptional companies, exceptional advice. Learn from operators leading today’s software revolutions.

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Meet a Few Heavybit Advisors

Betty Junod
Betty JunodVice President Product Marketing, VMware
Brian Doll
Brian DollReify
Ashley McClelland
Ashley McClellandPartner, Ércule
Karishma Irani
Karishma IraniHead of Product, LaunchDarkly
Alyss Noland
Alyss NolandDirector of Growth Marketing, Honeycomb

Category Leaders

Since 2013, Heavybit companies have redefined how teams build, deploy, secure, and scale mission-critical technology. From JAMstack, to DevSecOps, to feature flagging, Heavybit founders build the future of software from the bottom up.

Logo of Snyk
Heavybit helped us navigate the uncharted waters of building a dev focused enterprise offering.
Logo of Netlify
Few investors understand what it means to create a developer category from scratch. Heavybit not only invested in Netlify as a company. They also helped to champion the Jamstack.
Logo of LaunchDarkly
The great thing about Heavybit is that they don't have a cookie-cutter approach. They've seen every type of developer tool business, and can help you with what's right for you at any given time.
Heavybit DevGuild

Heavybit DevGuild

DevGuild is a community and event series featuring the CEOs, founders, and top execs at leading developer, enterprise, and B2B SaaS companies defining the future of software development.

Previous DevGuild Speakers

Photo of Guy Podjarny
Guy PodjarnyCo-Founder, Snyk
Erin McKean
Erin McKeanDeveloper Relations Program Manager, Google
Ali Rayl
Ali RaylVP of Product, Slack
Abhinav Asthana
Abhinav AsthanaFounder/CEO, Postman
Indy Sen
Indy SenEx VP Product Marketing, Matterport/WeWork
Rajoshi Ghosh
Rajoshi GhoshCo-founder, COO, Hasura
Amanda Kleha
Amanda KlehaChief Customer Officer, Figma
Maarten Van Horenbeeck
Maarten Van HorenbeeckCISO, Zendesk
Joel Fulton
Joel FultonCISO, Splunk
Paige Paquette
Paige PaquetteCo-founder, Calyx Consulting

Community Podcast Network

Heavybit's developer-focused podcast network features over 500 episodes from across our 20 shows. These uniquely insightful conversations have been heard almost 1 million times by listeners around the globe.

Heavybit Community Podcast Hosts

Photo of Edith Harbaugh
Edith HarbaughCo-Founder & Executive Chair, LaunchDarkly
Charity Majors Headshot
Charity MajorsCTO, Honeycomb
Liz Fong-Jones Headshot
Liz Fong-JonesField CTO, Honeycomb
Brian Douglas Headshot
Brian DouglasDirector of Developer Advocacy, GitHub
Photo of Grant Miller
Grant MillerCo-Founder & CEO, Replicated

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