Oct 11, 2018


Enterprise-Ready Products

Enterprise-Ready Products

Before you sell to the enterprise, you need to BUILD for the enterprise. We brought together 200+ CPOs, founders, and senior product managers to learn and discuss the baseline features required to deliver Enterprise-Ready Products.


Session #1

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT
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Deployment Best Practices

Thanks to the evolution of devops & the emergence of containers, applications are more portable now than ever before. So now the question is, how do startups build products to satisfy the needs of on-prem, cloud SaaS and hybrid cloud customer deployments?

Join HashiCorp CEO Mitchell Hashimoto, Heptio Co-Founder Joe Beda (Kubernetes & Google Compute Engine) and LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh as they discuss the impact of architecture on a company’s deployment options, and their visions of the future of deployment.

Mitchell Hashimoto
Mitchell HashimotoCo-Founder
Joe Beda
Joe BedaCo-Founder

Session #2

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM PT
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Navigating Enterprise Needs

Led by Replicated CEO and EnterpriseReady.io creator Grant Miller, our finale featured One Medical CTO Kimber Lockhart, AdRoll CTO Valentino Volonghi, and PlanGrid CTO Ralph Gootee.

In this session, panelists discuss the frameworks they use to diligence technical products, the core enterprise features they need to satisfy their risk profiles, and the nuances of selling into their unique industries and businesses.

Kimber Lockhart
Kimber LockhartCTO
One Medical
Valentino Volonghi
Valentino VolonghiCTO
Ralph Gootee
Ralph GooteeCTO

Session #3

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM PT
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SLA & Support In The Enterprise

When it comes to the enterprise, Service Level Agreements are no laughing matter. Enterprise customers pay to ensure less than 1% downtime, dedicated technical account managers, and stellar dev ops and incident response. It’s not enough to leave communication to the community and a status page.

Join PagerDuty Co-Founder Alex Solomon, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and Intuit’s SVP and Chief Product Development Officer of SMB (soon to be CTO) Marianna Tessel as they discuss what it means to offer high-availability and support to some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Session #4

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM PT
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Security & Establishing Customer Trust

Every year the Vendor Security Alliance publishes a standard questionnaire to help enterprises vet their supplier’s security practices, and every year a handful of startups fail to meet those requirements. Whether IT decision-makers are looking at their risk management profiles at the architecture-level, product-level, or in their extended third party environments, security is always on their minds. Join Twilio’s Arianna Willett to hear about some of the core security concerns from her Enterprise Customer Trust Group and how she manages to assuage their fears through better implementation and product design.

Arianna Willett
Arianna WillettSecurity, Risk & Compliance

Session #5

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM PT
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User Management & Access Control

Provisioning, deprovisioning, and permissioning user accounts from a central, single directory is no easy feat when you’re dealing with millions of users across a mess of interconnected applications. It’s one thing to offer your customers single sign-on (SSO) and role-based access control (RBAC), and it’s a completely different beast to implement it at scale. Join Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace as he discusses common mistakes in enterprise identity management, better practices to approach SSO and provisioning, and some of the top things to avoid when implementing SAML.

Eugenio Pace
Eugenio PaceCEO

Session #6

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM PT
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Integrating Into The Enterprise

Most enterprises aim to connect their applications, devices, and most importantly data in a way that allows them to rapidly build and scale. MuleSoft CTO Uri Sarid likened it to “building an airplane mid-flight.”

Join Uri in a conversation on integration and the enterprise as he discusses the common pain points of a CIO. In this fireside chat he discusses how CIO’s must design for agility, interoperability and product defensibility, all while navigating the ever-evolving modern application stack.

Session #7

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM PT
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Advanced Reporting & Analytics

If you think enterprise-level dashboards and alerts are just a nice-to-have, think again. Advanced reporting features don’t just justify the cost of enterprise software spending, they enhance a team’s ability to perform and respond. Custom dashboards offer data-driven context to IT decision-makers and a source of truth across applications, microservices, hosts and containers. Join CTO and Co-Founder of Datadog, Alexis Lê-Quôc as he covers the integral features required to support enterprise-level reporting.

Alexis Lê-Quôc
Alexis Lê-QuôcCo-Founder & CTO