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JAN 19, 20224 MIN

2021: Heavybit & DevTool Year in Review

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Mina Benothman's Headshot

Mina Benothman

Growth Marketing Manager, Heavybit

    Happy New Year and welcome back! Before we forge ahead with 2022 programming and content, we want to take some time to reflect on all the exciting things that happened for the devtools industry in 2021, as well as thank the community, advisors, and leaders, that made it happen.


    • LaunchDarkly launches Unintended Consequences, a show about when tech gets bigger, stronger, faster, worse
    • Cockroach Labs and Databricks announces $160M Series E and  $1B Series G, respectively, with billion dollar valuations
    • ProfitWell’s CEO Patrick Campbell shares Retention Lessons from 20k SaaS Companies




    • Heavybit welcomes Crunchy Data, a company that enables organizations to deploy and manage PostgreSQL throughout their enterprise
    • Avo launches The Right Track community and podcast for people who are working to build better data cultures
    • Zapier, Typeform, Webflow, and PartnerPage discuss how to run solid processes around acquiring, activating, and retaining great partners



    • Heavybit welcomes Aserto, a cloud-native authorization service providing enterprise-ready permissions and RBAC for SaaS applications
    • Jeli CEO Nora Jones discusses Chaos Engineering moving beyond ‘breaking stuff’ to highlighting business value
    • Jamming into the mainstream: Jamstack Community Survey 2021




    • GitLab files its S-1, touting 87% revenue growth in 2020
    • Heavybit welcomes PartnerPage, a directory that enables B2B software vendors to increase revenue and discoverability through service and technology partners
    • Intercom CRO and Replicated CRO discuss enterprise focused leadership roles


    • Heavybit welcomes Memgraph, a company that makes real-time streaming graph computation accessible to every application developer
    • Vertex Ventures, Okta, Hasura, and VMware discuss designing modern go-to-market organizations
    • Understanding how Facebook disappeared from the internet


    • HashiCorp files for IPO, said to seek $10 billion valuation
    • GGV’s Glenn Solomon discusses what GitLab and Confluent show us about the future of software
    • Jeli launches Getting There, a show about publicly-facing incidents, resilience, and human factors in computer systems


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