Heavybit Welcomes New Member: PartnerPage


We’re excited to announce our newest member company, PartnerPage – an easy-to-stand-up Partner Directory that enables B2B software vendors to increase revenue and discoverability through Service and Technology Partners.

Why We’re Excited

Every scaling SaaS company has a partner program. These programs increase revenue, retain customers, and become a moat of defensibility for your business. The most important benefit you can offer your partners is discoverability and recognition of their relationship with you, which makes having a partner directory essential. However building one from scratch can quickly become expensive, time consuming, and easy to neglect, when you’re designing, developing, and maintaining it yourself.

By using PartnerPage, companies can easily stand-up a partner marketplace, which cuts the time to deal activation, reduces repetition and coordination with resellers or agency partners, builds goodwill with partners by sending high-quality leads, and ultimately, supports their existing customers by providing them with additional services around the product.

In less than a week, companies like SproutSocial, Bill.com, Zapier, and Klaviyo have launched a live partner directory with 200+ partners – each of whom have been alerted to their new profiles, with many following suit and adding their own partners. The product’s ease-of-implementation and natural virality creates a virtuous circle of lead gen for all involved.

PartnerPage is already listing agencies and experts for companies like Zapier, Netlify, and Pantheon. If you’re interested in starting your own partnership program or refreshing an existing one, check them out at PartnerPage.io.

Meet the Founder

Mario Tarabbia | LinkedIn | Twitter

Mario brings close to a decade of experience with partner ecosystems and their network effects in SaaS. Prior to founding PartnerPage in 2018, he was part of the founding team at OneLogin where he led channel sales, sales engineering, and technology partnerships. Before PartnerPage, Mario founded Outwork.com, a partner sales tool for deal registration, channel sales attribution, and partner commission reporting.