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2022 Heavybit Year in Review

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For many startups, 2022 was a tough year due to difficult market conditions, and 2023 may be challenging as well. To help you prepare for the year ahead, here are some of the top content offerings from across the Heavybit community and what we’ve learned from them.


DevGuild: Incident Management

This DevGuild community event features incident management insights from DevOps and site reliability engineering leaders from Netflix, Amazon, Salesforce, New Relic, and PagerDuty (among others). Watch the on-demand sessions for actionable tactics on how to uplevel your entire org’s ability to monitor, detect, understand, react to, and analyze incidents.


Early Stage Content Strategy: Earn Trust, Manage Risk and Build Momentum

HitSubscribe CEO Erik Dietrich explains the What, Why, and How of content for early-stage startups, and how content can be the foundation of your business’ acquisition funnel. Also covered: Important reality-check questions on categories, pricing, and time-to-value.

Triads: Product Marketing, Engineering, Design

LaunchDarkly’s head of product Karishma Irani explains how her organization combines engineering, product, and design perspectives on every major launch. Learn how you can implement “triads” in your organization to combine feasibility, usability, and value.

Product-Led Content Strategy w/ Atlassian Product Marketer Alex Zhitnitsky

You’ve heard of product-led growth (PLG), but what about product-lead content? Atlassian’s product marketing lead Alex Zhitnitsky explains how startups can build successful content by synthesizing their core messaging pillars with interesting stores and the SCQA model.


The Kubelist Podcast #33 - Tailscale with Avery Pennarun

The Kubelist hosts Marc and Benjie discuss Avery Pennarun’s 20+ year career as a developer, covering the state of modern networking and important lessons on building architecture that scales.

The Right Track Podcast #9 - The Argument for Less Specialization with Erik Bernhardsson of Modal Labs

The Right Track’s Stefania Olafsdottir sits down with Modal Labs founder Erik Bernhardsson to discuss best practices in data analysis, team building, and how to build a data culture at your organization.

Enterprise Ready Podcast #51 - Coaching CEOs with Matt Mochary

Enterprise Ready’s host Grant Miller talks with leadership coach and investor Matt Mochary on how to coach leaders, and how to scale your business by building a culture of trust that successfully resolves conflict internally while creating strong customer relationships.


You’re Targeting Developers? So Is Everyone Else. Here’s How to Do Segmentation Better.

Revere Communications CEO Caroline Lewko explains the significance of segmentation for a successful developer relations program. A key step in targeting the developers for your product is segmenting them by technology requirements, characteristics, and focus.

What to Know About Open-Source Software: Benefits and Advantages

Open-source software (OSS) is becoming more prominent by the day. But is it the best model to pursue for your startup? Learn everything you need to know about modern-day OSS, from development benefits to business models to licensing considerations...and more.

Three Key Best Practices for Modern Incident Response

Modern-day incident response is becoming an increasingly complex discipline. Here are three actionable tips from IR veterans on process, infrastructure, and engineering culture that will make your engineering team more resilient and better equipped to respond to incidents.


Report: 2023 Markets & Hiring

Get your executive summary on some of 2023’s top tips on budgets and hiring for tech leaders. Our report covers specific tactics to help you secure and maintain the budgets and teams you need in the coming year.