May 4, 2023


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Previous DevGuild Events

In November of 2022 we brought founders, product and eng leaders, SREs, and incident commanders together for three days of virtual keynotes, real-world case studies, and panels covering best practices and full walkthroughs of the modern incident response stack. Rewatch the talks to come away with clear next steps and a full framework to measurably improve your incident management processes; from observability, to response management, to analytics and beyond.

  • Photo of Guy Podjarny
  • Photo of Nora Jones
  • Liz Fong-Jones Headshot
  • Mandi Walls
  • Erin McKeown
  • Sarah Butt
  • Linda Ypulong
  • Dylan Bochman
  • Jeff Martens
  • Photo of Ryan Duffield
  • Jesse Robbins's Headshot
Guy Podjarny, Nora Jones, Liz Fong-Jones, Mandi Walls, Erin McKeown, Sarah Butt, Linda Ypulong, Dylan Bochman, Jeff Martens, Ryan Duffield, Jesse Robbins

An efficient developer-first go-to-market is something many developer startups desire. We brought together 280 founders, execs, and GTM leaders to discuss the multi-pronged approach that companies take to build a product loved by developers, and sold to the enterprise.

  • Kathy Korevec
  • Photo of David Carney
  • Rajoshi Ghosh
  • Photo of Magnus Hillestad
  • Priyanka Sharma
  • John Cutler
  • Photo of Chris Bach
  • Amanda Kleha
  • Photo of Matt DeBergalis
  • Photo of Stefania Olafsdottir
  • Adam Gross
  • Abhinav Asthana
Kathy Korevec, David Carney, Rajoshi Ghosh, Magnus Hillestad, Priyanka Sharma, John Cutler, Chris Bach, Amanda Kleha, Matt DeBergalis, Stefania Olafsdottir, Adam Gross, Abhinav Asthana

Truly groundbreaking technical products require industry-wide education, a well-aligned community and product, and partners. We brought together 250 founders and community leaders to discuss what it means to start a software revolution and wield that power for good and profit.

  • Patrick Woods
  • Mary Thengvall
  • Photo of Matt McClure
  • Peggy Rayzis
  • Ashley Smith
  • Marc Holmes
  • Margaret Francis
  • Luke Tucker
Patrick Woods, Mary Thengvall, Matt McClure, Peggy Rayzis, Ashley Smith, Marc Holmes, Margaret Francis, Luke Tucker

In order to sell your developer product to the enterprise, you need to show that your team, code, and processes are secure. We brought together 150 founders, CISOs, security engineers, and product owners to discuss the right approach to enterprise security.

  • Oren Yunger
  • Lisa Hawke
  • Joseph Ruscio Headshot
  • Joel Fulton
  • Coleen Coolidge
  • Adrian Ludwig
  • Shruti Gupta
  • Lisa Hall
  • Justin McCarthy
  • Niall Browne
  • Harshil Parikh
  • Daed Latrope
  • Marzena Fuller
  • Talha Tariq
  • Ody Lupescu
  • Maarten Van Horenbeeck
Oren Yunger, Lisa Hawke, Joseph Ruscio, Joel Fulton, Coleen Coolidge, Adrian Ludwig, Shruti Gupta, Lisa Hall, Justin McCarthy, Niall Browne, Harshil Parikh, Daed Latrope, Marzena Fuller, Talha Tariq, Ody Lupescu, Maarten Van Horenbeeck

Whether you’re launching a new product, feature, or enterprise suite— there’s an art and science to the way you reach, engage, and delight your users. We brought together 200 founders and product leaders to discuss how they bring winning products to market again and again.

Before you sell to the enterprise, you need to BUILD for the enterprise. We brought together 200+ CPOs, founders, and senior product managers to learn and discuss the baseline features required to deliver Enterprise-Ready Products.

Whether you’re selling to individual developers, teams or the enterprise – effective pricing is key. But most SaaS founders price too low or wait too long to drive up their ACV. We brought together 150+ leading founders and product execs to discuss how they’ve priced and packaged for growth and profitability.

People aren’t transactions. Customers and communities want to be heard, respected, and valued. We brought together 200+ leading SaaS founders, marketers, and community builders who’ve mastered the art of driving user acquisition and revenue via content.

Demand generation is hard, especially if you’re nurturing a developer community and scaling the business. We brought together 200+ developer-focused, demand and lead gen marketers to learn how the best in the industry acquire, convert, and monetize their communities.

You need to think deeply about how you deploy, configure, scale, support, and manage your product, all while delivering an elegant developer experience. Our speakers shed light on the landscape and help you make the right decisions so you can seamlessly integrate your tools into the everyday workflows of developers.

We brought together more than 200 developer advocates & evangelists to explore the tactics and philosophies that inspire others to join a movement, rally for change, and breathe life into what might otherwise just be code.

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