May 4, 2023


Open Source

Open Source

Red Hat, Elastic, HashiCorp - we know the names of the most successful open source companies. But how are they both wildly famous and wildly profitable? Scroll down for full session videos on demand.


Session #1

1:00 PM - PT
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The State of Open Source

Heavybit General Partner Joseph Ruscio welcomes our attendees and shares his perspective on the state of open source in 2023.

Session #2

1:10 PM - PT
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Open Source Go-To-Market & Enterprise Readiness

One of the advantages of a bottom-up open source go-to-market is that when done well, it’s the most efficient flywheel for product adoption, developer marketing, and inbound sales. The problem is that when teams attempt to cross the chasm into larger deals, there’s often a disconnect between what developers have already championed, and between what procurement and risks teams will allow. In this session we discuss what steps early founders can take to capture developer love, while still being taken seriously and whitelisted as enterprise OSS vendors.

Amanda Brock
Amanda BrockCEO

Session #3

1:30 PM - PT
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Connecting Community Activity to Your Commercial Product

How do you decide what to build next, and where it lands in your oss offering? Learn from our panel of experts how to connect OSS community activity to your commercial products and services. We'll discuss what signals are most valuable, mistakes to avoid when shipping new features, and how to make all your users and customers feel valued and heard.

Emily Omier
Emily Omier
Adam FitzGerald
Adam FitzGeraldVP Developer Relations
Shanea (King-Roberson) Leven
Shanea (King-Roberson) LevenFounder, CEO
Tim Glaser
Tim GlaserCofounder & CTO

Session #4

2:20 PM - PT
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Selling Free Software

In this talk, Nicholas Erdenberger will provide an overview of effective sales strategies and tactics for open-source products and services. He'll cover the unique challenges and opportunities that come with selling open-source offerings and how to effectively navigate them including understanding the open-source customer, leveraging community and network effects, differentiating from proprietary alternatives, and developing a sustainable revenue model. Nick will also provide practical tips and examples of successful sales approaches in the open-source space.

Nicholas Erdenberger
Nicholas ErdenbergerChief Revenue Officer
dbt Labs

Session #5

2:40 PM - PT
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Investing in Open Source Businesses

Learn from our expert panel of VCs who specialize in open source businesses what they look for when deciding whether to invest. We'll define exactly it means to be a venture-scale open source company, the most important metrics for indicating real traction, and finally we'll examine what the next generation of oss startups will need to look like to find success.

Jason Warner
Jason WarnerVenture Partner
Redpoint Ventures
Cack Wilhelm
Cack WilhelmGeneral Partner

Session #6

3:40 PM - PT
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Security & Liability in Open Source

On top of solidifying complex OSS commercial licensing agreements early, one challenge for founders scaling an OSS company is that traditional enterprise SLAs do not seem to apply. The result is often a tangled web of multi-layered custom contracts, brittle or orphaned tracking systems, and professional service stop gaps. How can early stage founders avoid taking on more liability than they can handle?

Brian Behlendorf
Brian BehlendorfGM, The Open Source Security Foundation
The Linux Foundation

Session #7

4:05 PM - PT
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Open Source Licensing & The Future of Open Source Businesses

In our finale panel we'll dig into the current state of open source licensing and what is and is not open source, what the current trends around BSL mean for the future of open source communities and companies alike, and finally how generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Copilot, Bard, and others are disrupting the OSS landscape, for better or worse.

Joanna Lee
Joanna LeeVice President of Strategic Programs & Legal
Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
Stephen O'Grady
Stephen O'GradyCo-Founder

Session #8

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PT

Drinks & Light Appetizers

Join us for drinks and light appetizers at Dogpatch Studios directly following the conference, from 5pm-7pm.

About DevGuild: Open Source

About DevGuild: Open Source

DevGuild: Open Source is a curated half-day conference in San Francisco where top OSS founders and leaders will share the nuances of choosing the right licensing, building early OSS communities, and laying the product foundations for sustainable revenue.

DevGuild: Open Source Speakers

Brian Behlendorf
Brian BehlendorfGM, The Open Source Security Foundation, The Linux Foundation
Joanna Lee
Joanna LeeVice President of Strategic Programs & Legal, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
Stephen O'Grady
Stephen O'GradyCo-Founder, RedMonk
Shanea (King-Roberson) Leven
Shanea (King-Roberson) LevenFounder, CEO, CodeSee
Jason Warner
Jason WarnerVenture Partner, Redpoint Ventures
Amanda Brock
Amanda BrockCEO, OpenUK
Adam FitzGerald
Adam FitzGeraldVP Developer Relations, HashiCorp
Rachel Chalmers' Headshot
Rachel ChalmersPart-Time Partner, Heavybit
Photo of Dominik Tomicevic
Dominik TomicevicCo-Founder & CEO, Memgraph
Tim Glaser
Tim GlaserCofounder & CTO, PostHog
Cack Wilhelm
Cack WilhelmGeneral Partner, IVP
Nicholas Erdenberger
Nicholas ErdenbergerChief Revenue Officer, dbt Labs
Jesse Robbins's Headshot
Jesse RobbinsGeneral Partner, Heavybit
Joseph Ruscio Headshot
Joseph RuscioGeneral Partner, Heavybit

Unique Founder Perspectives

Past DevGuild speakers include founders from Snyk, PagerDuty, GitLab, HashiCorp, Auth0, Netlify, npm, and more.

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