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MAR 2, 20173 MIN

Farewell, Heavybit Clubhouse! Hello, Oakland Office!

Photo of Edith Harbaugh

Edith Harbaugh

Co-Founder & CEO, LaunchDarkly

After a wonderful two year run, LaunchDarkly is moving out of Heavybit’s office and into our own office in Oakland! I am super excited that LaunchDarkly will have our own space to stretch out. We’re planning on having monitors of metrics. However, I’ll miss our desks at Heavybit. Even though I won’t be physically sitting at Heavybit, I plan to stay involved in the program and community.

1) Speaker Series! I have met so many interesting people as both speakers and attendees at Heavybit Tuesday night speaker series. Personal highlights were Sales talks featuring HubSpot’s Mark Roberge, SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin and Rainforest QA’s Fred Stevens-Smith.

2) Office Hours. A huge part of Heavybit is not just Speaker Series, but one on one office hours. Javier Soltero of Acompli helped me on go-to-market. Michael Dearing of Harrison Metal advised me on funnel management. Stack Overflow’s Jeff Atwood helped me on business models. Iron.io’s Morgan Mackles on building a sales team. Donnie Berkholz of 451 Group helped me with analyst relations. To help LaunchDarkly, I couldn’t ask for a better set of informal advisors.

3) The friends and community. Everyone at Heavybit is passionate about developers. Everyone is also passionate about sharing best practices, strategies and tips, and being supportive. From Runscope’s John Sheehan I learned the pitfalls of freemium. Ben Sigelman of LightStep taught me that gold shoes truly go with everything. Heavybit’s Jesse Robbins called me the alpha predator for selling to so many Heavybit companies. Malia Powers of Heavybit taught me the power of pitching.

4) The dogs. And Dogs. And Dogs. Heavybit is a dog lovers paradise. I can’t pick my favorite dog, but I’ll miss their distinctive clicking on the hardwood floors, as well as the shake of a wet corgi.

To our To Be Continuous fans, Paul Biggar and I will continue to co-host and we have exciting guests in the queue. I look forward to future monthly Founders dinners to catch up with friends and meet the next generation of Heavybit companies. And lastly, I will continue to make efforts to attend Heavybit Speaker Series in person or remotely from our new home in Oakland.

Onward and upward!

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