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DEC 12, 20195 MIN

Recommended Reading: Developer Content that DevTools Experts Loved in 2019

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Ashley Dotterweich Photo

Ashley Dotterweich

    As 2019 wraps up, we’re continuing to look back on the best devtools and developer content of the year. This week we asked some of the sales, marketing, security and engineering experts from our network what the best thing that they read, watched or listened to this year was. Check out their recommendations to catch up on the best of 2019 before the end of the year!

    “The Service Mesh: What Every Software Engineer Needs to Know about the World’s Most Over-Hyped Technology”

    “The team at Linkerd did a great job of breaking down the origins of service meshes, what they do and why they’re needed.”

    • Grant Miller, Co-Founder of Replicated & host of the EnterpriseReady podcast

    (Ed. Note: Catch more on the creation and growth of Linkerd from founder William Morgan on episode 12 of Grant’s podcast, the EnterpriseReady.)

    The Sqreen Blog

    “One of the developer-centric security blogs and newsletters I read regularly and recommend is Sqreen. They’ve got a great spread of topics – covering security, development, operations – as well as varying depths – high-level overviews and technical deep dives.”

    “The Unicorn Project”

    “My favorite thing this year about developers is brand new book from Gene Kim, “The Unicorn Project”. Every company on the planet is trying to figure out how to attract and retain developer talent and also figure out how to keep them productive; this is the blueprint on how to make it all work together.”

    “Controlled Chaos: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps and Security”

    This Black Hat talk by Kelly Shortridge (VP Product Strategy at Capsule8) and Nicole Forsgren (research and strategy at Google Cloud) reflects the growing reality that security needs to evolve and become integrated into the development process. This is quite the paradigm shift, and a welcome one, that I hope increasingly moves from theory to reality over the next few years. I especially love the talk’s focus on defensive innovation, which is where I see the most exciting security work starting to emerge, especially from those who are taking this mindset of minimizing security friction within the dev process, while also prioritizing security outcomes.”

    (Ed. Note — The full Black Hat session is not available online, but you view a shorter version of the talk or a written overview of the session.

    “Forget ROI, Use MoAR for Your Portfolio Roadmapping”

    This article and the tool Dragonboat taught me about portfolio project management (PPM) used at mature companies who have the luxury of a PMO. I am now applying this in a startup company context so that we can make better-informed product bets from the very beginning.”

    Version-One Startup Handbook

    “Version-One’s Startup Handbook is applicable to developer start-ups and sales-focused in the sense that it’s about scalability. It’s a great start for understanding how to scale your team properly and enable sales.”

    Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    “The best piece of developer content I read this year was the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. The reason why is because of the number of participants they were able to get to participate in it, what they uncovered and the amount of insights that analyzed, as well as how easy it is to understand. I like that it is interactive instead of a PDF.”

    Darknet Diaries, Episode 42

    “I love this episode of Darknet Diaries. It’s focused on three fascinating cybersecurity stories and they are as entertaining as they are informative. Stories can stick with us more than pure technical writing in my opinion.”

    Your Picks for the Best Developer Content in 2019

    What were your favorite articles, podcasts and talks about devtools in 2019? Share with us on Twitter to help us build our reading list for the holidays!

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