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DEC 11, 20193 MIN

Subscribe to These Top DevTools Newsletters in 2020

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Ashley Dotterweich

    Every week there’s a seemingly endless stream of new blog posts, articles, podcasts and other content about every facet of the devtools industry. While there are many great pieces waiting to be discovered, scouring the web for those gems could easily take up your whole week.

    Selecting a few well-curated newsletters surface interesting finds can help you cut through the noise get straight to the best new content quickly. Whether you want to streamline your content consumption or broaden your horizons in 2020, we’ve picked a few favorite devtools-focused newsletters from the Heavybit community.


    Pointer‘s mission is to provide “a window into what other current and future CTOs are reading and thinking about,” with a focus on high-quality, often long-form content that’s worth getting your team talking about interesting topics. Even if you have limited reading time, Pointer provides an excellent, focused list of articles that will push you to learn something new every week.


    Like HackerNews, Changelog’s weekly newsletter draws on community-sourced link curation, but with a stronger focus on topics like open source, projects, developer news and startup culture. The Changelog team also produces a range of great podcasts, so if listening is more in your wheelhouse, this is a great pick.


    The folks at Reify have marketed and sold for devtools companies like GitHub, New Relic, and Code Climate. Their own content distills their experience into useful lessons, like what to do when marketing doesn’t work, but Reify’s newsletter also provides curated content from Reify’s clients and from around the web. If you’re looking to level up your marketing and/or sales strategy this year, Reify’s newsletter will help you get there faster.


    When we’ve polled the community on their favorite resources for staying on top of industry news, HackerNews comes out on top every time. But staying on top of the continual flow of conversations and threads on HackerNews is time-consuming. HackerNewsletter provides a summary of the top posts every week, so you cut straight to the most interesting finds.

    The Smashing Newsletter

    Good design can make all the difference from brand recognition to user adoption. For all things web design and development, Smashing Magazine’s newsletter provides thoughtfully curated tips, articles and lessons twice a month. If staying in the loop with web development and design trends is a priority in 2020, add Smashing to your list of subscriptions.

    DevTools Digest: Subscribe for Updates from Heavybit

    We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend checking out Heavybit’s own Devtools Digest weekly newsletter — subscribe now for updates from the community, the latest industry news and exclusive event invites from Heavybit.

    Do you have suggestions for a must-subscribe newsletter? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll share your picks with the community!

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