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MAR 3, 20204 MIN

5 Best JAMstack Radio Episodes to Listen to Now

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Ashley Dotterweich

    Since its kick off by the Netlify team in 2016, JAMstack Radio has been bringing together developers, founders and technologists to discuss how teams are using JAMstack to build faster, better web applications

    We asked JAMstack Radio host Brian Douglas to share his favorite JAMstack Radio episodes and conversations. Check out his picks for the best JAMstack Radio episodes below and listen to them now.

    Brian Douglas’ Favorite JAMstack Radio Episodes

    Episode #8, Isomorphic Rendering in the JAMstack

    Listen to Ep #8

    This was a great episode and one of the first where we really started talking about the JAMstack with real concrete examples.

    In this episode Brian speaks with Phil Hawksworth, Technical Director at R/GA and Eli Williamson, Creative Director at Netlify.

    They discuss Phil’s experiments with isomorphic rendering in the JAMstack, including some of the staggering performance improvements he’s been able to achieve. Listen in for their discussion on optimizing website performance by empowering front end developers, using static sites, and going serverless.

    Episode #41, Simplifying Developer Workflow with Paul Biggar of Dark

    Listen to Episode #41

    The conversation with Paul was deep. The mention of the CI platform becoming commoditized opens up the conversation to really talk about what is the next big thing in developer tooling.

    In episode 41 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Paul Biggar, CTO of Dark. They discuss improving developer workflow in the JAMstack, as well as the challenges of developing a holistic programming language from the ground up.

    Episode #31, Originless Code with Cloudflare’s Kenton Varda

    Listen to Episode #31

    This was an episode before Cloudflare workers were even noticed by the dev community. Hearing the early thoughts on such a (now) popular feature is pretty awesome.

    In episode 31 of JAMstack Radio, Brian meets with Kenton Varda, tech lead for Cloudflare Workers and author of Sandstorm.io to discuss some of the infinite uses for running code at the edge.

    Episode #44, The Developer Experience with Divya Sasidharan of Netlify

    Listen to Episode #44

    This episode explains why DevX is greater than DevRel. It also gets quoted to me a lot in conversation. I personally find more teams considering following suit with Netlify and organizing their Marketing teams similarly.

    In episode 44 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Divya Sasidharan, a developer advocate at Netlify. They discuss Netlify’s clever approach to improving developer experience, as well as the journey one makes when switching from React to Vue.

    #12, FaaS and the Benefits of Serverless

    Listen to Episode #12

    Another before-its-time episode where we discuss Serverless just as it was just getting started.

    In this episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian invites Ryan Scott Brown of Serverless and David Wells, Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and member of the Ansible core team, to examine the rise of Functions as a Service (FaaS).

    They discuss common use cases for FaaS and break down the cost benefit of using a service like Lambda instead of a more traditional server. Ryan also discusses the main players in the space and some of the vendor lock ins you should expect across the spectrum when using FaaS.

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