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MAR 31, 20214 MIN

Cloud Infrastructure Security: What’s All the Buzz About?

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Mina Benothman

Growth Marketing Manager, Heavybit

    Every Thursday, I send our mailing list the DevToolsDigest; a curated selection of the past week’s best resources, product updates, jobs, and discussions in the dev tools industry. I’ve sent about 90+ digests and over time, it’s become easier for me to spot the patterns and trends in the larger industry narrative (which I then discuss in our monthly newsletters,) but I was surprised recently to notice that every one of my sources was talking about:

    Cloud Infrastructure Security: What’s All the Buzz About?

    What’s all the buzz about? According to new research, enterprises increased their spending on cloud

    infrastructure by almost 35% to reach almost $130 billion in 2020, far outpacing their spending on on-prem data centers. But at the same time, 2020’s digital acceleration and increased complexity of systems have called attention to the increased security risks that come along with it.

    If you’ve already checked out the posts I’ve linked in the DevToolsDigest, below are some helpful resources from the Heavybit Library for further reading.

    Read this:

    Essential Cloud Infrastructure Security featuring Cisco and HashiCorp

    It’s increasingly common for enterprise and developer focused startups to build cloud-first and even cloud-only. But, simply building on a major cloud provider’s platform doesn’t make you secure. In this DevGuild: Enterprise Security panel, security leaders from Cisco, Cisco Meraki, HashiCorp, and Ethos Life discuss the core tenets of modern cloud infrastructure security.

    Then this:

    Navigating Cloud Infrastructure Security Challenges

    Are all “cloud companies” equally secure? How do you decide? Not all cloud infrastructure providers are created equal, and it’s really incumbent on the customer to do their due diligence. In this post, advisor and former CSO, Al Ghous, shares how startups can take a security-centric approach to ensure that their cloud infrastructure mitigates risks and builds a strong foundation for future security needs.

    Al and many of the speakers we featured at DevGuild: Enterprise Security collaborated on putting together Security 4 Startups, an open-source guide for technical founders/ leaders at pre-Seed/Seed and Series A+ startups.

    Listen to this:

    EnterpriseReady: Cloud Infrastructure with Abby Kearns

    At the time of recording for this episode, Abby was Executive Director of the Cloud Foundry, and currently, she’s the CTO of Puppet (and the author of one of the posts in the digest.) In this episode of EnterpriseReady, Abby and Grant discuss enterprise infrastructure, the future of the cloud, technological ecosystems abroad, and open source business models. Jump to 00:28 to hear their conversation around infrastructure security.

    Cloud Infrastructure Security: What’s All the Buzz About?

    Then this:

    The Secure Developer: Keeping Cloud Foundry Secure

    Speaking of the Cloud Foundry, which is an open-source cloud platform on which developers can build, deploy and run applications, the Secure Developer has a whole episode dedicated to discussing their security triage and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures process, and some of the challenges of working within the large ecosystem of diverse companies that make up the Foundation.

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