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A Guide To The Heavybit Library

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The Heavybit Library is an extensive catalog of educational content featuring hundreds of hours of expert presentations, insightful podcasts, and written blog posts focused on helping you take your developer product to market. The Library is comprised of three main content areas; our blog, our podcasts, and our Speaker Series presentations.

Speaker Series Presentations

Our weekly Speaker Series presentations are foundational to the Heavybit Program. These are deeply curated talks that are focused on the unique problems developer companies face. Each talk is given by an expert who has built, invested in, or otherwise leveled-up a successful developer facing business. We work closely with each speaker to refine their talks, ensuring that the advice is tailored for our community, before putting them on stage.

We understand you’re busy, so each of our speaker series videos feature detailed interactive outlines and transcripts (give them a click!) that let you jump to any moment in the talk. Additionally, watch talks at 1.5x or 2x speed for even faster learning.

Talks fall into four categories: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Product/Engineering, and Sales. Here’s a handful of my personal favorites:

Michael Dearing’s talk on Pricing, Charity Majors’ talk on Hiring A TechOps Team, Cecilia Stallsmith’s talk titled ‘Platform Marketing: So You Want To Be An Ecosysytem?‘, and Jason Lemkin’s talk on the Top 10 Mistakes Getting To $100M ARR.


The Heavybit Podcast Network is built for and by our community of experts. Each show is focused on a specific challenge area that founders and operators at developer companies face, including sales, marketing, product management, fundraising, security and more.

For those of you who prefer to read, we’ve got you covered. We took the same custom player we built for our Speaker Series videos, and applied it to our podcasts. Each episode features a detailed description, show notes, and a full interactive transcript (give them a click!) to help you learn whichever way you prefer.

Want to be a guest on one of our shows, or know someone who has something to add? Let me know at content@heavybit.com and we’ll get the conversation started.


Our blog is home to regular updates and in-depth articles from the Heavybit team, member company founders, and the wider community. You’ll also find videos of every presentation given at member hosted meetups like SF Video Tech, SF Metrics, The SF Serverless Meetup, and more.

If you’d like to submit an article for the Heavybit Blog, let me know at content@heavybit.com and we can discuss potential topics.

Search the Library

Check out our Library Search page, powered by Algolia. Quickly search for and find what you need from across all the content in our Library, from one convenient spot.

…is that all?

I’m glad you asked. In addition to all the content we produce for our Library, we also organize several conferences and Community Projects that are designed to provide additional learning opportunities in very specific topic areas.


DevGuild is Heavybit’s community conference and represents a growing network of people who are passionate about developer products and services. We’re creating connections between the thinkers and hackers powering today’s technical communities and developer companies. We organize several DevGuild events every year, each focused on a shared challenge our members are tackling. Previous topics include Developer Evangelism, Developer Product Design, Content Strategy, and Demand Generation.

The Developer Marketing Guide

Marketing to developers is hard, but with the right approach it can be done very successfully. The Developer Marketing Guide is a curated guide designed to help you kick-start the marketing for your developer tool or service. Take a look and submit a PR if you have something to add.


Hiring the right person at the right time is critical to the success of any developer company, but doing it well is a time-consuming process. We built DevCoJobs to make this process easier for you. The site helps connect folks in our community to developer companies in need of great talent. Job listing privileges aren’t limited to Heavybit Members, so submit your open devco reqs today and we’ll help you make great hires.

The #DevToolsDigest

It’s hard to stay on top of everything that’s happening in this busy corner of the industry. There’s so much great content, interesting Twitter conversations, and plenty of exciting feature announcements every day. We built the DevToolsDigest to help you stay connected. Each issue features a handful of interesting links from the previous day along with recent job listings at devcojobs.com.

Want to submit something? That’d make our day, send your links to devtoolsdigest@heavybit.com.

Want to get involved?

Thanks for checking out this guide to the Heavybit Library. We’d love to get you involved with our community and there are a couple ways you can do that! Join the DevGuild Slack team, sign up for Heavybit Updates, and RSVP to any of our regular developer focused events.