DevGuild Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

NOVEMBER 15, 2017 | 1-5PM


Whether you’re selling to individual developers, teams or the enterprise – effective pricing is key. But most SaaS founders price too low or wait too long to drive up their ACV. Join 120 leading founders and product execs to discuss how they’ve priced and packaged for growth and profitability.


DevGuild: Pricing Strategy is a half-day conference where B2B and SaaS founders and execs discover the strategies and tactics they need to both offer value and extract it from technical buyers.

Our committee is currently selecting topics based on abstracts we receive from industry leaders. Through keynotes and case studies, we’re looking for tactical discussions from well-known experts on the following:

  • How your market, operating costs, and competitors affect your pricing strategy
  • How companies can influence the technical buyer’s purchasing decision
  • Non-linear pricing and value-based sales
  • Multi-tiered product line pricing
  • Channel-based pricing and audience segmentation
  • Failures and successes in pricing developer and infrastructure products

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We’re looking for developer and infrastructure company founders and executives at growth-stage companies that own pricing, product marketing, monetization, revenue and growth. Some of the past attendees at our events include the founders of PagerDuty, Meteor, DigitalOcean and HashiCorp.


Our committee is currently reviewing speaker abstracts. Watch the talks from previous DevGuild events here.

First Speakers Announced!

We’re thrilled to announce Michael Dearing, Founder of Harrison Metal, and Fred Stevens-Smith, Co-founder and CEO of RainforestQA, as our first speakers for DevGuild: Pricing Strategy.

We’re also excited to announce that Reify’s Michael Bernstein will be our MC. Early bird tickets are available now, don’t miss your chance.

Michael Dearing

Michael Dearing is the founder of Harrison Metal and an investor and advisor in several developer-focused companies including PagerDuty, StackMob, and Recurly. In addition to teaching General Management and Pricing Strategy through Harrison Metal, Dearing has dedicated his life to helping entrepreneurs productize new technologies and build successful businesses. He has held several positions in Stanford University’s School of Engineering and the and is the former SVP and General Merchandise Manager at eBay.

Fred Stevens-Smith

Fred Stevens-Smith is the Co-founder and CEO of Rainforest QA where he oversees all product, sales, marketing, operations and support. As a founder, he’s held almost every function in the organization including closing the company’s first million in sales. In just five years and under his leadership, the company has grown from 2 to 80+ employees, more than 10xed revenue, and continued to double ACV year over year.

DevGuild: Pricing Strategy Host and MC: Michael Bernstein

MichaelBernstein is the cofounder of Reify – a go to market strategy boutique consultancy for SaaS and developer companies. In the past and as the VP of Community and first employee at Code Climate, he learned the developer market from the trenches while helping the company reach growth and fundraising goals. A thoughtful marketer, writer, and storyteller, Michael helps companies like Netlify, Sensu and Backplane find their product-market fit.


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DevGuild: Pricing Strategy will take place on Nov 15, 2017 from 1-7pm

Tank 18, 1345, Howard St., SF, CA 94103

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