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Videos: Dropbox, Facebook, Google

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Today’s releases include talks from Ivan Kirigin and Adam Gross (both formerly at Dropbox) and Ilya Grigorik (Google’s web speed evangelist on HTTP 2.0). The videos were recorded during our Tuesday night members-only Speaker’s Series and are part of a growing a catalogue of resources for companies building developer-facing products.



  • Dropbox and Salesforce VP Adam Gross on Platform Marketing: Adam Gross explains how developer brands tend to be “more strategic then emotive” and encourages audience members to align with an industry transformation narrative using examples like Salesforce’s “no software” campaign.


  • Google’s Web Speed Evangelist Ilya Grigorik on HTTP 2.0: Google developer evangelist and former CTO of PostRank Ilya Grigorik understands the value of a few milliseconds. In his Heavybit presentation he discusses how HTTP 2.0 can reduce latency, address head of line blocking, and eliminate the need for domain sharding.

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