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Video: CoreOS, Heroku and Stormpath

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The following videos were recorded during Heavybit’s weekly members-only Speaker’s Series:

Containers and Clustering from CoreOS’ Alex Polvi: The architectural patterns of large scale platforms are changing. Dedicated VMs and configuration management tools are being replaced by containerization and new service management technologies like systemd. CEO of CoreOS Alex Polvi presents on how you can these new technologies to build performant, reliable, large distributed systems.

The Anatomy of Heroku’s Product Team with Peter van Hardenberg: You’ve got your MVP out there, and you’ve raised some funds. Now you’re going to need to build the team to build the product. PVH talks about the nuts and bolts of running a 3-10 person product team. Nothing’s going to be too fixed, so everyone’s going to have to wear a few hats. PVH uses the Heroku Postgres team as a case study to talk about how to evolve a team (and your role) over time while maintaining the quality of your product as it scales.

The Evolution of a Marketing Team with Stormpath’s Claire Hunsaker: Its hard to know when to hire out your marketing team, what they should focus on and how it fits with your strategy. Claire Hunsaker users her experience with Stormpath and Samasource to walk you through the evolution of a marketing team – who they are, what they should accomplish, and what they need – at each stage of growth from MVP to IPO.

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