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Videos: Heroku’s Incident Response and Others

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This Friday video release is all about taking a common problem developer-facing companies experience and building a system to manage it. From Heroku’s new incident response framework, to Zendesk’s rise as a SaaS leader, to designing processes for designers and devs — this week’s videos will have you rethinking the way you’re scaling for change and growth.

Heroku’s Incident Response with Blake Gentry: The hardest part about incident response isn’t technology. It isn’t about designing robust systems or debugging production. The real challenge is good communication. Blake Gentry helped solidify Heroku’s Incident Response Framework. In his presentation he discusses the preparation required to maintain customer trust and a successful business, while simultaneously putting out fires.

Former Zendesk COO Zack Urlocker on Disruptive Marketing: Zack Urlocker is an executive, investor, advisor and board member with more than twenty years of experience in the software industry. He has helped scale revenues in startups from under $6 million to over $100 million and has had multiple billion dollar exits. In this presentation, the former Chief Operating Officer at Zendesk discusses Disruptive Marketing and what it takes to rise above the noise as a SaaS company.

Designing for Developers with Max Schoening: Managing a design team is hard work, especially when your customers are developers. In this talk, Heroku’s Max Schoening discusses Heroku’s continually evolving design process and some of the challenges and he’s lessons learned over the past 3 years. He’ll talk about how to hire designers, build a design process and balance taste, gut, and data.

The above videos were recorded during Heavybit’s members-only Speaker Series. These weekly events take place over the course of our 9 month program. Members can meet with speakers on the evening of the presentation in addition to attending one-on-one office hours. These HD videos are part of more than 50+ hours of Heavybit’s content catalogue. For more on our program visit heavybit.com/program.