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OCT 13, 20162 MIN

The Serverless Framework & GraphQL

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

On Oct. 6th, Heavybit Member company Serverless hosted the Serverless Meetup in our San Francisco Clubhouse. There were three fantastic talks including a great introduction to AWS Lambda & GraphQL from Nikhila Ravi, a two-for-one talk from Serverless engineers Nik Graf and Philipp Muens on getting started with the Serverless Framework, and finally, a talk from GitHub’s Brandon Black on how they’re using GraphQL.

Serverless Framework + GraphQL Starter Kit

Philipp Muens, a Serverless framework core developer, and Nik Graf, a Serverless platform engineer, demo the official Serverless boilerplate, an easy-to-use starter kit that helps users combine the power of Serverless and GraphQL.

GraphQL at GitHub

Software engineer Brandon Black shares why his team at Github chose to implement GraphQL, the challenges they faced, and what the team is looking forward to next.

Serverless GraphQL

A Cambridge University graduate and experienced web developer, Nikhila Ravi, made the trip from Harvard University where she’s currently studying as one of 10 John F. Kennedy Memorial Scholars from the U.K. Nikhila gives an introduction to AWS Lambda and GraphQL and outlines the architecture of using them together. She includes a few tips and best practices.

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