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Streamlining Distributed Stream Processing with SuperChief

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  • Ted Carstensen
    Ted CarstensenPlatform Director
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On April 27th, Heavybit member company Librato held their SF Metrics Meetup at our San Francisco Clubhouse. Below is a video of Librato Data Engineer Ray Jenkins’ talk on distributed stream processing with SuperChief.

Distributed stream processing is all about gaining actionable insight from high volumes of data in near real-time. Stream processing is complex so many people look to frameworks for help. Last October Librato went in the other direction, moving from Apache Storm to an In-House distributed stream processing system named SuperChief.

Ray discusses the experience of moving from Apache Storm to SuperChief. He talks about some of the challenges Librato faced with Storm and the motivation to move away from frameworks. He covers the design and implementation of SuperChief, the benefits of this new approach and the direction SuperChief is going in the future.

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