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OCT 23, 20151 MIN

Heavybit Show & Tell: Runscope, LaunchDarkly, Treasure Data, and Opsee

Malia Powers Photo

Malia Powers

    In our Fall 2015 Heavybit Show & Tell, LaunchDarklyTreasure Data, Opsee, and Runscope share learnings and demonstrate what they have been working on lately.

    Runscope’s Neil Mansilla

    Neil Mansilla, VP of developer relations talks about Runscope’s recently updated API. He gives a demo of the API and demonstrates how Runscope’s customers are now able to export and manage tests outside of the UI.

    LaunchDarkly’s Edith Harbaugh

    LaunchDarkly’s CEO and cofounder Edith Harbaugh gives insights into how LaunchDarkly customers use feature flags in their own software development.

    Treasure Data’s John Hammink

    Treasure Data’s developer evangelist John Hammink discusses the advantages of a cloud based analytics pipeline and demos how fluentd is integrated with Docker and a result output to Amazon Redshift.

    Opsee’s Cliff Moon

    Cliff Moon, CEO and cofounder at Opsee discusses monitoring and demonstrates how to easily create health and performance checks for your services in Opsee.

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