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FEB 19, 20152 MIN

Heavybit Winter Show & Tell

Dana Oshiro's Headshot

Dana Oshiro

General Partner, Heavybit

Heavybit’s Show & Tell is an ongoing quarterly event that allows a selection of our 22 member companies a chance to showcase what they’re working on. Members share info about recent releases, launches, partnerships, integrations, case studies and lessons learned.

Our Winter Showcase featured talks from Takipi, Rainforest, Apiary, Kodowa/Eve and Spark IO.

Takipi’s Tal Weiss

Takipi Founder Tal Weiss discusses his work debugging modern distributed systems. His presentation includes how Takipi helps developers detect errors in live production code and its plans to provide unified call stacks for reactive programming.

Kodowa/Eve’s Chris Granger

Kodowa Founder Chris Granger discusses his post-Light Table project Eve. A few months ago, Granger made the statement, “Eve is our way of bringing the power of computation to everyone, not by making everyone a programmer but by finding a better way for us to interact with computers.” He offers an early demo of his project.

Apiary’s Jakub Nesetril

The complexity of distributed microservices requires that API processes are standardized and still scalable. Apiary Founder Jakub Nesetril discusses his work in building a web based repository for API documentation and his recent launch of Apiary for Teams and Enterprise.

Rainforest’s Paul Burt

In this video Rainforest’s Developer Evangelist Paul Burt discusses the need for better (or any) QA testing in continuous delivery processes and Rainforest’s recent launch of mobile web testing for Android.

Spark IO’s Richard Whitney

This video will be posted soon. We’re currently withholding the contents of the video as Whitney offered an early look at some of the company’s upcoming releases.

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