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AUG 22, 20172 MIN

SF Video Tech: WebVR, Background Tab Timers, RTMP Deep-Dive, and Standards Groups

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

Earlier this year, Heavybit member Mux held their monthly SF Video Tech event at our San Francisco Clubhouse. The event was packed with four really interesting talks from the community, covering a range of topics from 360 Video and WebVR, Background Timers, a deep dive on RTMP, and finally an enlightening look at the slow moving world of standards bodies. Watch the videos below, and sign up here to come to the next event in person.

Kieran Farr: 360 Video, VR, and The Web

Kieran Farr, Senior Director for Business Development at Brightcove, gives a great primer on a slew of exciting emerging web technologies. What’s the difference between VR, AR, and 360 video? How are these new formats going to be delivered on the web and to mobile devices? Check his talk for answers.

Nick Chadwick: RTMP: A Quick Deep-Dive

Love it or hate it, RTMP is an integral building block of the modern video-enabled web. Watch as Nick Chadwick, software engineer at Mux, goes on a quick deep-dive covering the colorful history of the protocol, a high and low level protocol overview, as well as a look to the future role of RTMP in web-based streaming video.

Steve Heffernan: An Exciting Tale of Slow-Moving Standards Groups

Not everyone can make a series of deliberative meetings sound exciting, but Mux Co-Founder Steve Heffernan isn’t everyone. Tune in for an exciting tale of slow-moving standards groups. Learn how the industry works together to design and define the video standards that make the modern video-enabled web possible.

Shachar Zohar: Timers in Background Tabs and How To Deal With Them

Shachar Zohar, Peer5 Co-Founder, gives a quick technical demo centered on Timers in Background tabs. If you’re working with video on the web, you’re probably using timers. Learn from Shachar how to deal with them and minimize their impact on your video.

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