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JUN 29, 20172 MIN

SF Video Tech: Frame Accurate Video Playback In The Browser

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

SF Video Tech is a regular meetup organized by Heavybit member company Mux and hosted in Heavybit’s San Francisco Clubhouse. To attend the next event in person, sign up here.

With a stated goal of providing “the same UX” as the playback clients in broadcast video editors, Jordi Cenzano’s HTML5+JS based video client is, to put it lightly, an ambitious project.

Here’s how Jordi describes the project:

“Years ago I started thinking about how to migrate some of the broadcast services that have traditionally been on-prem at broadcast facilities to “the cloud.” I’m talking about tech like MAM (Media Asset Management) software, NRCS (News Room Computer System), and news editors, to start.

Bandwidth limitations are becoming less of a problem every day, and we’re seeing an explosion of cloud-based CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and API driven cloud-based editing tools. I haven’t found a UI tool that provides a similar UX as a broadcast video editor in the browser, yet.”

Watch the video, which includes an impressive demonstration, below. For a fully detailed technical teardown of Jordi’s work, check out his projects page.

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