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SEP 27, 20172 MIN

SF Metrics: OpenTracing & Metrics, and Time Series Databases at Scale

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

On September 13th, Heavybit member Librato held their monthly SF Metrics meetup at our San Francisco Clubhouse. The event featured talks from LightStep’s Ted Young, and IRONdb’s Fred Moyer. If you’d like to attend in person next time, RSVP here.

OpenTracing and Metrics: Measure Twice, Instrument Once

Ted Young, Director of Open Source Development, LightStep

As systems become highly distributed, mechanisms for correlating diagnostic information become a necessity. In this talk, Ted discusses how the need for correlation is beginning to blur the lines between the formerly separate domains of metrics, logging, and tracing. He talks about separating observation from aggregation – using a single, neutral instrumentation API that can push data into multiple types of monitoring systems – as one approach to this problem.

Solving the Technical Challenges of Time Series Databases at Scale

Fred Moyer, Developer Evangelist, Circonus (IRONdb)

Time series databases are optimized for handling sets of data indexed by time. Aspects of data storage, data safety, and the iops problem are challenges that all TSDBs face at scale. In this talk, Fred outlines how IRONdb solves these technical problems, or avoids them entirely. IRONdb is a commercial time series database developed by Circonus, and is a Graphite compatible drop in replacement for Whisper.

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