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JUL 3, 20172 MIN

Serverless Use Cases: Real World Examples, AWS Lambda@Edge & Serverless Tips

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David Wells

    Alex Casalboni

    Amazon / AWS / Amazon Web Services

    Earlier this year, Heavybit Member Company Serverless Inc. held a meetup in our San Francisco Clubhouse featuring several talks on real-world use cases for serverless, watch the videos below. Sign up here to attend the next event.

    Serverless in the Wild: Real World Use Cases, David Wells from Serverless Inc.

    As serverless technology moves past the emerging technology phase there are more and more great real world examples out there. David Wells, Senior Software Engineer at Serverless Inc., explores some different use cases for serverless technology with examples from companies and other open source projects. He gives an overview of the Serverless Framework and also presents some of his own open source Serverless projects that were built using the framework.

    David Wells is a senior engineer and developer advocate at Serverless Inc., the makers of the Serverless Framework. He’s a full stack JavaScript developer, entrepreneur with a past life as a marketer. David is passionate about showing developers how they can do more and manage less by going serverless.

    AWS Lambda@Edge Preview, Alex Casalboni from CloudAcademy

    What exactly can you do with AWS Lambda@Edge? Alex Casalboni discusses the most interesting use cases and a few preview-related limitations. You’ll learn how to execute serverless functions at CloudFront’s Edge Locations to implement unique functionalities and optimize network latency.

    Alex Casalboni is a Software Engineer from Italy who’s passionate about web technologies and music. After deepening his software and sound engineering background, he’s spent the last four years building, learning, and teaching at Cloud Academy. His current focus is on web development, serverless and AI.

    Serverless Use Cases: Real World Examples, AWS Lambda@Edge & Serverless Tips

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