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SF Metrics Meetup: Vizceral Traffic Intuition & Rust Metrics Library

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Justin Reynolds: Intuition Engineering at Netflix with Vizceral
Alex Newman: Rust Metrics Library
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On Sep. 15th, Heavybit member Librato hosted the SF Metrics Meetup at our SF Clubhouse. Librato brought engineers from Netflix and Planet to discuss the Netflix-built Vizceral and the Rust metrics library. Sign up here to attend the next SF Metrics Meetup.

Justin Reynolds: Intuition Engineering at Netflix with Vizceral

Justin is a Senior Software Engineer for Traffic & Chaos at Netflix.

Netflix runs on hundreds of interconnected microservices that, as a whole system, is too complex for any one person to completely understand. To help understand this complicated system they are developing Vizceral, a tool that helps distill the most useful bits of information and present it to the user in a way that they can ‘feel’ the state of the system without needing to understand all the moving parts. There is still a lot of work to be done to get more and more intuition about the system, but it has already proven vital internally and has been open sourced.

Alex Newman: Rust Metrics Library

Alex is a Pink Ranger at Planet.

Rust-metrics is an early project which wants to be your one stop shop for telemetry and alert logging. It supports a variety of metrics and alerting tools but goes even further by allowing users to mix and match the use of multiple reporters simultaneously with different telemetry thresholds for alerting. It provides telemetry and alerts for carbon/graphite, local csv, syslog and prometheus.

Not only can rust-metrics be used from rust but soon from c, python, c++, java, go or even javascript. This is a work in progress but versions of it are already in production.

Learn why Alex designed rust-metrics, a bit about the google project that inspired it, and a bit of the design of rust-metrics. He also covers the future of the project, what projects it is being integrated in, and interesting use cases that people are using it for.

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