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JAN 30, 20182 MIN

Serverless Meetup w/ Ado Kukic and Chiradeep Vittal

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

Late last year, Heavybit Member Serverless hosted their regular user group meetup at our SoMa Clubhouse. This event featured talks from Citrix’s Chiradeep Vittal, and Auth0’s Ado Kukic. To attend the next event in person, sign up here.

A Serverless Orchestrator Built with Terraform, Chiradeep Vittal, Citrix

Citrix built a centralized controller for networking that scales, is highly available and provides advanced analytics that costs almost nothing to operate by taking advantage of serverless functionality such as AWS Lambda, CloudWatch, DynamoDB and Athena. Instead of operating a multi-tenant controller, each customer can provision their own autonomous control plane using CloudFormation or Terraform templates. In this talk I describe how we disaggregated the control plane and put it back together using serverless components.

The Frontend is the New Backend, Ado Kukic, Auth0

In the last couple of years, Auth0 has seen a significant shift in the way they write apps. More and more, logic is being pushed to the client (browser, native apps, IoT) and new services have emerged to reduce even more the need of backends. But there’s more to come. What if we don’t need ANY server at all? What if we could write apps mixing client and server side code without having to worry how that code runs? In this session, Ado goes over a new way of writing completely backendless applications using Webtask.

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