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MAR 8, 20172 MIN

Serverless Meetup: A Deep Dive Into Serverless Challenges & Solutions

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

On Feb. 22nd, the SF Serverless community came together to share learnings and challenges associated with going serverless. Join them at the next Serverless meetup by signing up here. If you’re new to serverless, check out this quick Getting Started with Serverless video tutorial or the Docs.

Single-Page Apps & Going All In On Serverless Architecture, Jared Short

Having a single-page app driving APIs creates polished and user friendly apps. But what about SEO? Performance? Deep linking? In this talk Jared Short, Director of Innovation (& Awesomeness) at Trek10, explores some challenges and solutions when going all in on a serverless architecture for single-page apps.

Ops Tips From The Serverless Trenches, Adam Johnson

Whether it’s a single-page app, or a complex serverless architecture design, there are challenges for an Ops team when running infrastructure for serverless (yes you still need it). Adam Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO at IOPipe, highlights some of the challenges from an Ops team perspective including troubleshooting, the need for mapping frontend to backend requests to specific invocations, understanding serverless performance and more.

Preview of the Azure Functions Serverless Framework Plugin, Chris Anderson & Pragna Gopa

Members of the Azure Functions team made the trip to SF to demo the official Azure Functions Plugin for the Serverless Framework, and answer your questions. Chris Anderson, Program Manager, and Pragna Gopa, developer on Azure Functions, share and demo some of the latest updates and functionality within Azure Functions. They also showcase a new integration to facilitate event-driven compute with Functions.

Check out our events page for a full list of upcoming developer focused meetups in our San Francisco Clubhouse, and follow us on Twitter to get updates from our community.

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