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Videos: SaaS Product, Benchmarks and Enterprise Sales

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The following videos were recorded during Heavybit’s weekly members-only Speaker’s Series:

Founder of Intercom and Exceptional on Product Strategy for Startups: Des Traynor is the co-founder of Intercom where he’s responsible for product strategy and customer success. Prior to Intercom, he was the founder of Exceptional, an error tracking & reporting platform for web applications that he grew to over 50,000 application developers and sold to Rackspace. In this Heavybit presentation, the seasoned product veteran teaches audiences the difference between feature drift and a functional product roadmap.

PagerDuty’s VP of Sales on Managing the Enterprise Sales Process: Trenton Truitt is the VP of Worldwide Sales at PagerDuty and has held sales positions at both startups and Fortune 200 companies, including Appcelerator, EMC and PTC. In this presentation he shares how a lean team, using the MEDDICC approach, can turn smaller credit card transactions into huge client contracts.

Key Financial Indicators for SaaS Businesses: Jeff Burkland, founder of Burkland Associates, has shaped and managed the financial function of numerous successful startups, including LiveRamp, Insightly, Kontagent, and AceMetrix. In this presentation, Burkland show us how to measure and communicate key SaaS metrics through basic models while also offering a series of case-studies on cohorts.

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