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On May 2 we’re hosting DevGuild:Product Marketing – a half-day conference to help developer and enterprise companies increase their platform and product engagement. Too often, companies come to Heavybit looking for a marketing silver bullet. The truth is, product marketing is hard and it’s why we’ve built a conference to help start a conversation. If you’re attending the conference, or you just want to know more about product marketing in your field, check out the below resources from our library.


Forget campaigns, social media and content strategy — persona development is the first thing that every company should work on before building a marketing strategy. The truth is that you can’t market to who you don’t know. For the most part, we subscribe to Reify’s rule of defining a single persona to start and of building new personas as you scale to new markets and launch new products. Personas are so important, that we’ve had Okta’s Senior Director of Developer Platform and Commercial Marketing give a talk on it. Twice. Claire’s already discussed collecting data for persona development but our DevGuild: Product Marketing panel on Building a High-Fidelity Persona & Segmenting Users, featuring speakers from Stripe, Jama Software and Figma, will reassert the importance of persona development and offer new advice on research methodologies and examples of success and failure.


Product Marketing, when done right, has a significant impact on your company and can be a force multiplier in your org. There’s a lot you have to consider though — research, onboarding, positioning, metrics, pricing — before you can even launch. This panel featuring product marketing leaders with experience working in extremely successful cos of all stages including Google, Pusher, Pantheon, Salesforce, and PagerDuty, covers everything from success metrics to managing a team. If you enjoy this panel, you won’t want to miss Indy Sen’s opening talk on Defining Product Marketing Metrics and Head of Products at Cloudflare, Jen Taylor’s tactical talk on Launch Strategy at DevGuild.

We’ve got more product marketing-focused talks, posts, and even podcasts, so if you haven’t already, check out the Heavybit Library and subscribe to our mailing list to hear first about other upcoming marketing events.