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Outsourcing and Process with Heroku and Zimbra

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The following videos were recorded during Heavybit’s weekly members-only Speaker’s Series:

Outsource like a Boss: Kevin Henrickson has built and managed several remote offshore teams using very low paid resources on oDesk and Amazon’s mTurk. He’s also built and managed 120+ person team as part of Zimbra, Yahoo and VMWare using their multi-national development centers. He’s done it on the cheap and also the most expensive way. He will share some of his experiences and then open up Q&A discussion around outsourcing.

Leadership is Process: As a founder you’re obsessed about growing your company and making a great product. If you’re not embracing process, you’re not only doing it wrong, you’re creating a toxic and harmful environment without even realizing it. How can you think about leadership in a scalable way, amplifying what works, focusing on fixing what isn’t, and creating a great work environment at the same time? Heroku’s Oren Teich offers his take on process as a form of leadership.

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