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Nightmares and Fixes in Support, Operations and Sales

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The following videos were recorded during Heavybit’s weekly members-only Speaker’s Series:

Operations Nightmares and Fixes with Heroku’s Noah Zoschke: Heroku has had hellish periods of downtime resulting in Quality-of-Service numbers that staff and customers alike were frustrated with. Hear horror stories that caused outages, and what the company had to do to fix root causes. From improving service architecture, sunsetting legacy services, re-vamping monitoring and alerting, re-thinking testing for distributed systems, and most importantly hacking the engineering culture — Noah Zoschke shares what it took to get to 24/7 mission critical services with minimal interruptions.

Delivering Customer Support to Developers with Heroku’s Director of Technical Support Chris Stolt: Heroku has seen massive growth over the years. This growth has come with periods of crippling ticket volume from demanding customers. Director of Technical Support and Account Management Chris Stolt reveals how the support team survived these dark periods while ultimately transforming the support org into a lean team providing 24/7 support with manageable ticket volume growth.

Sell or Die with Betterworks’ Kris Duggan: Founder of Betterworks and Badgeville Kris Duggan understands how hard it is to build a sales team. The serial entrepreneurs offers up some of the biggest sales challenges: how to overcome obstacles to winning an order, how to avoid hiring bad salespeople, and how to scale sales & sales teams. Learn from Duggan’s experience interviewing over 1,000 sales candidates and hiring the first to the 100th member of his sales teams.

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