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Docker: Getting to Dev/Production Parity w/ Jerome Petazzoni

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Heavybit member CircleCI recently cohosted an event with Docker in our SoMa clubhouse focussed on the still bumpy road from local and test Docker environments to production deployments. Each company brought a great presenter to our stage to discuss different solutions to this complex challenge.

Docker’s Jérôme Petazzoni started the evening with a shortened version of a talk he gave at AWS re:Invent focussed on the many ways the industry is approaching deploying local Docker development environments to production.

CircleCI’s Kevin Bell closed out the evening with a great talk titled “Tame your Test Environment with Docker Compose”.

Kevin illustrated two powerful uses for Docker Compose, first as a tool for managing service dependencies across development and test environments, and second, as a great tool to run complicated test processes using CircleCI. You can read a full recap of his talk on the CircleCI blog.

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