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JAN 31, 20182 MIN

Content Marketing for Growth? It Starts with your Platform.

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

Late last year, Heavybit member Contentful hosted the Web Experiences meetup in our SoMa Clubhouse. The event featured a talk from Uber’s Jason Barone on building the right platform for content marketing success, as well as a great AWS Lambda/Alexa/Contentful demo from Contentful’s Rouven Weßling that you can’t miss. Sign up here to hear about future Contentful events.

Content Marketing for Growth? It Starts with your Platform. Jasone Barone, Uber

“Growth marketing” and “growth hacking” are phrases thrown around often in the tech and startup community, but oddly enough, most companies’ web marketing platforms are an afterthought. In this first talk, Jason Barone shows us what it takes to build a solid foundation for content marketing in your business. His talk touches on general concepts before diving into design systems, tech, and governance.

Build a Trivia Game using Amazon Alexa, AWS Lambda, and Contentful. Rouven Weßling, Contentful

Growing up with Knight Rider, Rouven Weßling was sure that we’d all be talking to our computers in no time. “Imagine my disappointment when I first tried a dictation app in the 90s – gruesome. Things have changed and now we’re all able to have something resembling a conversation with our cell phones. But you can’t exactly teach it new tricks unless you work for Apple, Google or Microsoft – how frustrating. Now with Amazon Alexa, we as developers can create voice interfaces for our own applications.” In this second talk, Rouven will show us how to do just that by creating an Alexa Skills Kit using an AWS Lambda function and Contentful to build his very own voice-based trivia game.

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