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JUN 26, 20142 MIN

PagerDuty’s Favorite Dev Ops Blogs

Dana Oshiro's Headshot

Dana Oshiro

General Partner, Heavybit

PagerDuty’s Ops Engineering team lead Arup Chakrabarti knows how to scale complex architectures. During his time at PagerDuty, the company has moved from 20-200 servers. Meanwhile, his prior experience at Amazon and Netflix have taught him some of his toughest lessons. Namely, that change is a proxy for innovation, and that innovation and change are directly proportional to downtime.

In addition to a recent presentation at Heavybit, Chakrabarti shared some of his favorite sources on developer ops and best practices including:

  • High Scalability: Founded by Todd Hoff, this blog offers analysis on scaling and availability for the architecture of Google, Amazon, eBay and a number of other major sites.
  • Netflix Tech Blog: The site offers a look at how the company employs strategies like their Symbian Army and open source AWS deployment tool, Asgard.
  • Code as Craft: The Etsy tech blog highlights the tools, experiments and lessons learned from the company’s engineering team alongside the “code as craft” philosophy espoused in Pragmatic Programmer.
  • Kitchen Soap: In this blog, Etsy SVP of Infrastructure and Operations’ John Allspaw, shares his thoughts on web operations, systems safety, human factors and capacity planning.
  • Bazaar Voice Tech Blog : The advertising company’s tech team uses this channel to announce major open source releases, most recently, a Ruby DSL and helper utilities for building Cloudformation templates dynamically.
  • Adrian Cockcroft’s Blog: Former Netflix Cloud Architect turned Battery Ventures fellow Adrian Cockcroft offers his insights on continuous delivery, the cloud and developer trends.
  • Spotify Labs: This site offers insight into the agile management style, culture and inspiratio behind Spotify releases.
  • Nerds.AirBnB: The lifestyle company’s engineering team offers audiences a taste of their engineering best practices including a look at their experiment reporting framework, javascript style guide and open source releases.
  • Github Engineering: Github’s engineering section offers a look at new releases, DDoS and security updates and internal tech talks.

For more from Chakrabarti, check out his recent Heavybit presentation.

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