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PagerDuty’s Favorite Dev Ops Blogs

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PagerDuty’s Ops Engineering team lead Arup Chakrabarti knows how to scale complex architectures. During his time at PagerDuty, the company has moved from 20-200 servers. Meanwhile, his prior experience at Amazon and Netflix have taught him some of his toughest lessons. Namely, that change is a proxy for innovation, and that innovation and change are directly proportional to downtime.

In addition to a recent presentation at Heavybit, Chakrabarti shared some of his favorite sources on developer ops and best practices including:

  • High Scalability: Founded by Todd Hoff, this blog offers analysis on scaling and availability for the architecture of Google, Amazon, eBay and a number of other major sites.
  • Netflix Tech Blog: The site offers a look at how the company employs strategies like their Symbian Army and open source AWS deployment tool, Asgard.
  • Code as Craft: The Etsy tech blog highlights the tools, experiments and lessons learned from the company’s engineering team alongside the “code as craft” philosophy espoused in Pragmatic Programmer.
  • Kitchen Soap: In this blog, Etsy SVP of Infrastructure and Operations’ John Allspaw, shares his thoughts on web operations, systems safety, human factors and capacity planning.
  • Bazaar Voice Tech Blog : The advertising company’s tech team uses this channel to announce major open source releases, most recently, a Ruby DSL and helper utilities for building Cloudformation templates dynamically.
  • Adrian Cockcroft’s Blog: Former Netflix Cloud Architect turned Battery Ventures fellow Adrian Cockcroft offers his insights on continuous delivery, the cloud and developer trends.
  • Spotify Labs: This site offers insight into the agile management style, culture and inspiratio behind Spotify releases.
  • Nerds.AirBnB: The lifestyle company’s engineering team offers audiences a taste of their engineering best practices including a look at their experiment reporting framework, javascript style guide and open source releases.
  • Github Engineering: Github’s engineering section offers a look at new releases, DDoS and security updates and internal tech talks.

For more from Chakrabarti, check out his recent Heavybit presentation.