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Videos: 451’s Michael Coté and Others

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The following videos were recorded during Heavybit’s members-only Speaker’s Series. These events take place every week over the course of our 9 month program and members can meet with speakers on the evening of the presentation in addition to joining office hours. The following HD videos are part of more than 50+ hours of Heavybit’s content catalogue.


451’s Michael Coté on Analyst Relations: As a principal researcher at 451 and former analyst at Redmonk, Michael Coté discusses different types of analysts, the reasons startups should engage them, and how analysts help or harm your company’s agenda. Coté’s deep knowledge from both the vendor and analyst side allow him to offer a unique perspective to Heavybit members.


PagerDuty’s Arup Chakrabarti on Dev Ops Mistakes: PagerDuty’s Engineering Manager Arup Chakrabarti is tasked with planning for scalability. During his time at PagerDuty, the company moved from 20-200 servers. Meanwhile, his prior experience at Amazon and Netflix taught him some of his toughest lessons. This presentation outlines 10 Common Dev Ops mistakes and how viewers can avoid them.


Trinity Ventures’ An Le on Business Development: Business development can be a growth lever at any stage of a company. It can even help define go-to-market strategy. Le teaches Heavybit members what it’s like to distribute through existing platforms and build an ecosystem around various products. Examples from her work at Yammer and New Relic exemplify the types of partnership tactics that drive business and growth through a company’s evolving lifecycle.