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JUL 7, 20173 MIN

Algolia’s Search Party: How Solutions Engineers Can Shorten the Sales Cycle

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

On April 25th, Algolia hosted their Search Party Meetup at the Heavybit Clubhouse. The event featured three lightning talks and a panel discussion. Follow Algolia on Twitter to attend the next Search Party.

Shortening The Sales Cycle: A Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, led by Qubole’s SVP Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Marcy Campbell, learn how Solutions Engineer’s can shorten the sales cycle for your organization. The panel is comprised of three experienced SE’s; Patrick Woods from Keen IO, Maxime Prades from Algolia, and Jeff Goldstein from SparkPost. Watch their discussion for actionable advice to speed up the sales cycle at your SaaS or Developer Tool startup.

How Understanding Customer Health Scores Can Streamline Sales

Before the panel discussion, each of the three featured panelists were offered the opportunity to give a lightning talk about the solutions engineering work they do with their respective companies. In his lightning talk, Keen IO’s Patrick Woods discusses the importance of knowing how customers are interacting with your product in order to help you prioritize your work. To that end, he also shares how Keen IO builds customer health scores using an internal tool named Valerian.

Shorten The Sales Cycle By Offering Best Practices In Implementation

In this short lightning talk, Algolia’s Emily Hayman discusses their approach to Solutions Engineering: consistently offering best practices in product implementation and integration. Everyone wants a slightly different search experience, and Algolia is capable of delivering what you need. Sometimes you just need a little extra help to get to that wow! moment, and that’s where Emily steps in.

Accelerating The Inevitable Technical Review Process

Selling developer products to the enterprise is a unique challenge. You have to express both the deep technical underpinning of your product while also showing the tangible business impact your tool will have on a potential customer’s business. In this lightning talk, Jeff Goldstein shares his tactics and approaches to accelerating these inevitable technical review processes.

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