DevGuild Product Marketing


MAY 2ND, 2019 | 1-5PM

Whether you’re launching a new product, feature, or enterprise suite— there’s an art and science to the way you reach, engage, and delight your users. Join 200 founders and product leaders as they discuss how they bring winning products to market again and again.


DevGuild: Product Marketing is a half-day event exploring the tactics and strategies that great developer and B2B SaaS product companies use to message, launch and drive adoption for their products. At this event you’ll learn to:

  • Define your product and feature launch playbook;
  • Build your brand positioning and create effective persona-driven messaging;
  • Optimize your site, content, and channels for adoption and growth; and,
  • Cascade your product marketing to sales enablement and collateral.


Are you a CEO, expert product marketer, or launch strategist with insights for Series A companies? We want to hear from you. Our selection committee welcomes submissions from execs with proven success building leading B2B SaaS, developer, and enterprise product go-to-market.

Past speakers have included the CEO of HashiCorp, creator of Kubernetes, CEO of Auth0, CTO of Mulesoft, CTO of One Medical, CTO of PlanGrid, Cofounder of PagerDuty, CEO of RainforestQA, CEO of LaunchDarkly and the CTO of DataDog.

We’re looking for founders and senior practitioners to offer tactical insights, specific case studies, and/or commentary on their own course correction. Contact us for more info.


If you’re interested in getting in front of 200 of the top founders and product leaders in the developer and B2B infrastructure space, get in touch.