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Ep. #7, Hired: Year One Roadmap For Marketers
January 19, 2017

with Priyanka Sharma

In this episode of The Pitch Room, Malia is joined by Priyanka Sharma to discuss content marketing and building marketing functions from the ground up in the early days of a startup.

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Ep. #6, Aligning Sales and Marketing Departments
April 12, 2016

with Marcy Campbell

Marcy and Malia discuss how marketing and sales teams can move beyond their differences to improve business performance.

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Ep. #5, Marketing Tips for Early Stage Startups
December 7, 2015

with Miko Matsumura

In this episode Malia hosts Gradle CMO Miko Matsumura to talk about mistakes to avoid in marketing as an early stage startup, how to build a marketing strategy into your next fundraising deck, and different tooling options for your marketing automation stack.

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Ep. #4, Creating a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
November 2, 2015

with Andrea Echstenkamper

In this episode of The Pitch Room, I had the opportunity to sit down with LaunchDarkly’s Andrea Echstenkamper to discuss multichannel marketing and platforms for thought leadership.

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Ep. #3, Tactics for Customer-Focused Marketing
September 18, 2015

with Ashley Waxman

In this episode of the Pitch Room, I had a great time chatting with Runscope’s Ashley Waxman about customer marketing. We discuss customer engagement strategies, tips for marketing to developers and steps to launch your own customer marketing program.

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Ep. #2, Developing Your Influencer Marketing Strategy
August 26, 2015

with Cameron Peron

I had the pleasure of speaking with Cameron Peron following his Heavybit Speaker Series presentation on Creating Killer Trend Stories.

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Ep. #1, How to Get Media Attention
August 13, 2015

with Erica Lee

The Pitch Room is a new podcast hosted by Heavybit’s Malia Powers. Listeners can catch up on the latest news, tools, tips and tactics on everything PR related.