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In this episode of the Pitch Room, I had a great time chatting with Runscope’s Ashley Waxman about customer marketing. We discuss customer engagement strategies, tips for marketing to developers and steps to launch your own customer marketing program.

Customer Marketing

The first thing many people think of when it comes to increasing profits is to gain more customers. With customer marketing, there is an opportunity to increase both the profits and value of your existing customers. When executed correctly, customer marketing will help retain your current customers and also attract more of your ideal customers.

Approach to Engagement

When you regularly communicate with your customers about high value opportunities, they are going to feel a stronger connection with you. Tips for approaching your customers include:

Create Low Barriers To Entry

Supporting other organizations marketing initiatives is often outside of your customers day-to-day role. One tactic is to make it clear to your customers that your organization will be doing the heavy-lifting.

Frame The Value

Clearly define how developing content such as case studies, webinars and press releases will be beneficial to your customer’s organization.

Think Bigger

Your customers time is valuable. Once a call is set up, be sure to ask questions that you need for the immediate opportunity and for future opportunities. For example, if the immediate opportunity is a webinar, take time to also ask questions that can be useful for case studies, press releases or white papers in the future.

Marketing to Developers

Capturing the time and attention of developers is notoriously hard. When you turn your blog into a news source of valuable information that developers are looking for, you will begin attracting your ideal customers. Developers gravitate towards blogs that are educational, entertaining, or valuable in some way.

In addition, some of the best developer companies rely on network effect. In other words, the value of the service or product is increased by the number of users contributing and using it. In your content creation be sure to highlight who else is using your product and how they are using it.