Library Podcasts

Ep. #9, Learning To Sell
March 30, 2016

with Scott Sambucci

In this episode, Yaron is joined by Scott Sambucci, Founder of SalesQualia. Scott and Yaron discuss easy to use and repeatable frameworks for sales success.

Ep. #8, Data Driven Sales
March 1, 2016

with Andrew O'Neal

In this episode, Yaron hosts Andrew O’Neal, Head of Growth at Clearbit. Andrew and Yaron discuss how to better leverage data derived from your sales tools, and the importance of making your product easy to interact with for both devs and non-devs alike.

Ep. #7, Hiring and Compensation Strategies
February 16, 2016

with Derek Draper

In episode 7, Yaron is joined by Derek Draper, CEO of Pattern. Derek and Yaron talk about sales hiring strategies, various compensation models for successful sales teams, and finally how to derive more value from your CRM.

Ep. #6, Building a Developer Community
February 2, 2016

with John Sheehan

In this episode, Yaron talks with Runscope’s John Sheehan about the philosophy behind building a strong developer community, they also discuss how every product requires a different set of tactics to yield positive results.

Ep. #5, Engineering’s Role in Sales
January 5, 2016

with Marcy Campbell

In this episode, Yaron is joined by Marcy Campbell, SVP WW Sales & Business Development at Qubole. Marcy and Yaron discuss how to place your sales organization in a winning position, how to grow to multi-million dollars in revenue, and the importance of a strong engineering team supporting your sales team.

Ep. #4, Guerrilla Marketing
December 22, 2015

with Kyle Wild

On this episode of Road To Growth, Yaron talks with Kyle Wild, CEO of Keen IO, about the power of guerrilla marketing in building a strong community and brand, and then selling into that community without betraying the trust you’ve built.

Ep. #3, Customer Success
December 8, 2015

with Don MacLennan

On this episode of Road To Growth, Yaron talks with Don MacLennan, co-founder and CEO of Bluenose Analytics, about the importance of customer success at your company, and how it impacts your bottom line.

Ep. #2, Sales’ Impact on Pipeline and Negotiation
November 24, 2015

with Edith Harbaugh

In this episode, Yaron is joined by Edith Harbaugh, Co-founder and CEO of LaunchDarkly. Edith and Yaron discuss the underlying parallels between fundraising, recruiting, and product.

Ep. #1, Introducing Road to Growth and Yaron Sadka
November 10, 2015

with Chad Arimura

Everyone that tries to grow a company accumulates a wealth of knowledge as to what drives an upward or downward trend. A key driver of growth is sales, but what does that actually encompass?