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Ep. #32, Evaluating Acquisitions with Mike Gregoire of Brighton Park Capital
July 30, 2020

with Mike Gregoire

In episode 32 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Mike Gregoire of Brighton Park Capital. They discuss strategies for growing through a recession, the changing role of modern enterprise salespeople, and the internal metrics Mike uses when evaluating acquisitions.

Ep. #31, Monoliths and Microservices with Rob Zuber of CircleCI
July 17, 2020

with Rob Zuber

In episode 31 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI. They discuss Rob’s expansive range of disciplines and the perspectives he’s gained on topics like fundraising, hiring, mentoring, scaling, and delivering value to customers.

Ep. #30, On-Call Management with Alex Solomon of PagerDuty
June 23, 2020

with Alex Solomon

In episode 30 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Alex Solomon of PagerDuty. They dive deep into product assortment, incident response management, on-call alerting, and company culture insights.

Ep. #29, Achieving Ubiquity with Mitchell Hashimoto of HashiCorp
May 12, 2020

with Mitchell Hashimoto

In episode 29 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Mitchell Hashimoto of HashiCorp. They discuss Hashicorp’s founding story, fundraising tactics and pricing models, and monetizing open source projects

Ep. #28, Intentionality First with Enterprise Advisor Adam Gross
April 28, 2020

with Adam Gross

In episode 28 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Adam Gross, seasoned enterprise investor and advisor. They discuss the inevitability of platform change, how software deployment has evolved, and how the enterprise application ecosystem might develop in years to come.

Ep. #27, Continuous Intelligence with Christian Beedgen of Sumo Logic
March 18, 2020

with Christian Beedgen

In episode 27 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Christian Beedgen, CTO & Co-Founder of Sumo Logic. They discuss Christian’s background, security analytics, the challenges faced by first generation on-prem software companies, and the evolving security landscape.

Ep. #26, Community Creation with Alex Miller
March 3, 2020

with Alex Miller

In episode 26 of EnterpriseReady, Grant is joined by Alex Miller, former GM at Stack Overflow. They discuss Alex’s background, what Stack Overflow Enterprise does, Alex’s four constituencies of enterprise software, and much more.

Ep. #25, Data Stack Orchestration with Jonathan Ellis of DataStax
February 6, 2020

with Jonathan Ellis

In episode 25 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Jonathan Ellis of DataStax about Apache Cassandra and the complexity of distributed storage systems, as well as recruiting, interviewing, and hiring executives and engineers.

Ep. #24, Enterprise Analytics with John Whaley of UnifyID
January 21, 2020

with John Whaley

In episode 24 of EnterpriseReady, Grant joins John Whaley of UnifyID to discuss the process of monetizing university research, how technology enables businesses, and how inherent human behavior threatens security.