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Ep. #16, Language Translation with Spence Green of Lilt
October 8, 2019

with Spence Green

In episode 16 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Spence Green, Founder and CEO of Lilt. They discuss language translation services for enterprises and governments, the rigor required to deliver enterprise software, and the internationalization of products.

Ep. #15, Self-Protecting Software with Jeff Williams of Contrast Security
September 24, 2019

with Jeff Williams

In episode 15 of EnterpriseReady, Grant is joined by Jeff Williams, Co-Founder and CTO of Contrast Security. The two discuss the vast quantity of competing AppSec standards, the creation of the OWASP Top 10, and the future of application security.

Ep. #14, Flexible Collaboration with Michael Pryor of Trello
September 11, 2019

with Michael Pryor

In episode 14 of EnterpriseReady, Grant is joined by Michael Pryor, Founder and CEO of Trello. They discuss Michael’s background, naming products, disruptive pricing models, and product assortment.

Ep. #13, Prosumer in the Enterprise with Rahul Vohra of Superhuman
August 22, 2019

with Rahul Vohra

In episode 13 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Rahul Vohra, Founder & CEO of Superhuman. They discuss Rahul’s fundraising history and strategies, his experience building problem-solving software, and his untraditional approach to bringing these solutions to market.

Ep. #12, Service Mesh with William Morgan of Buoyant
August 7, 2019

with William Morgan

In episode 12 of EnterpriseReady, Grant talks with William Morgan, CEO and Co-Founder of Buoyant. They discuss how Twitter’s scaling methods in the early days led to Linkerd, as well as adoption strategies and viable business models for open source-based companies.

Ep. #11, Customer Urgency with Bob Tinker of MobileIron
July 24, 2019

with Bob Tinker

In episode 11 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Bob Tinker, founder and former CEO of MobileIron. They discuss the frameworks that Bob has developed for building a go-to-market playbook, as well as the importance of customer urgency.

Ep. #10, Secure Communications with Joel Wallenstrom of Wickr
June 19, 2019

with Joel Wallenstrom

In episode 10 of EnterpriseReady, Grant speaks with Joel Wallenstrom, CEO and President at Wickr. They discuss Joel’s background in the cyber security industry, as well as the process of bringing consumer products to enterprise, particularly for mobile-first companies.

Ep. #9, Device Management with Zack Blum of Fleetsmith
June 5, 2019

with Zack Blum

In episode 9 of EnterpriseReady, Grant is joined by Zack Blum, CEO and Founder of Fleetsmith, to discuss device management and security in the enterprise world, as well as different approaches to product assortment.

Ep. #8, Driving Product Communication with Dave Cole
May 21, 2019

with Dave Cole

In episode 8 of EnterpriseReady, Grant is joined by Dave Cole, to discuss what it takes to manage a product portfolio vs just one product, as well as setting up and managing a customer advisory board.