Library Podcasts

Ep. #17, JavaScript HLS with Rob Walch of JW Player
April 29, 2021

with Rob Walch

In episode 17 of Demuxed, Matt, Phil, and Heff speak with Rob Walch. They discuss the JavaScript library hls.js, tactics for recruiting open source maintainers, and Rob’s experience working on the web player team at JW Player.

Ep. #16, Real-Time Video with Kwindla Hultman Kramer of
October 26, 2020

with Kwindla Hultman Kramer

In episode 16 of Demuxed, Matt, Phil, and Steve are joined by Kwindla Hultman Kramer of to discuss real-time video, tiers of latency, and the growth of mobile into a viable video platform.

Ep. #15, Low-Latency HLS, Pt. 2
August 18, 2020

In episode 15 of Demuxed, Matt and Phil continue the conversation on Low-Latency HLS, focusing specifically on unpacking Apple’s newly released HLS specification.

Ep. #14, Low-Latency HLS, Pt. 1
July 16, 2020

In episode 14 of Demuxed, Matt, Phil, and Steve discuss real-time communication, the history of video on the web, and the imperative nature of low-latency streaming in today’s distributed world. 

Ep. #13, Two-Way Video and Beyond with Sarah Allen of Veriskope
April 2, 2020

with Sarah Allen

In episode 13 of Demuxed, Matt, Steve, and guest host Nick Chadwick speak with Sarah Allen, partner at Veriskope. They discuss implementations of RTMP, how the web has evolved to support video over the years, and the future of video conferencing.

Ep. #12, Combatting Fake Video
May 15, 2019

with Shamir Allibhai & Roderick Hodgson

In episode 12 of Demuxed, Matt, Steve and Phil are joined by Shamir Allibhai and Roderick Hodgson of Amber Video to discuss the growing accessibility to fake video creation, and what approaches engineers are taking to secure the public from misuse of this powerful technology.

Ep. #11, Hybrid Broadband TV with Jeremy Brown
April 25, 2019

with Jeremy Brown

In episode 11 of Demuxed, Matt, Steve and Phil are joined by Jeremy Brown, video solutions architect at Seven West Media, to discuss hybrid broadband TV, server side advertising, and how the video services marketplace in Australia differs from the US.

Ep. #10, Large-Scale Video Streaming
April 10, 2019

with Colleen Kelly Henry & Eric Zawolkow

In episode 10 of Demuxed, Matt and Steve are joined by Colleen Kelly Henry and Eric Zawolkow, to talk about their experiences overseeing all things video-related, and what it’s like maintaining complex live video streams for large audiences.

Ep. #9, 4K Video with Vimeo’s Matt Fisher
April 26, 2018

with Matt Fisher

In episode 9 of Demuxed, Matt, Steve and Phil are joined by Matt Fisher, Lead Video Playback Engineer for Vimeo to discuss the past, present and future of online video and how formats like 4K and 8K could change the way content creators capture and edit footage.