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Show & Tell: March 2016 Ted Carstensen

On March 1st, we hosted our first Show & Tell of 2016. These Show & Tell events are an opportunity for our members to share recent releases, launches, partnerships, integrations and case studies.

Kiyoto Tamura, VP of Marketing at Treasure Data

In his Show & Tell presentation, Kiyoto shares data and learnings surrounding a recent change he made within his team at Treasure Data. It turns out just talking to customers is not enough.

Ian Saunders, CTO at BillForward

In this Show & Tell presentation, Ian takes us through some of the best features of BillForward’s enterprise developer-first billing platform. Bill more, build less.

Edith Harbaugh, CEO at LaunchDarkly

In her Show & Tell presentation, Edith shares how her customers are using LaunchDarkly’s Feature Flag Management functionality in new ways.

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