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AUG 15, 20194 MIN

From the Heavybit Library: Tackling Enterprise Security Challenges

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Ashley Dotterweich

    As organizations move up market, they often face challenges around building and communicating their security processes. During DevGuild: Enterprise Security, Heavybit brought together industry leaders to share their stories, experiences, and advice on creating a framework for security for growing organizations. If you want to get a head start on learning how to tackle enterprise security questions, revisit some of our favorite articles, videos and podcasts from previous Heavybit sessions.

    Learn about Enterprise Security with Heavybit

    1. Customer Security Questionnaires: The VRA Two-Step

    From the Heavybit Library: Tackling Enterprise Security Challenges

    Vendor Risk Assessments (VRAs) are bound to pop up in your sales process at some point, especially as your sales team goes after bigger deals. In this article from George Chamales, Principal for CriticalSec, you’ll learn how to create an efficient process for handling customer security questionnaires that’s flexible enough to handle whatever your customers’ needs are. Read the article here.

    2. EnterpriseReady: Secure Communications with Joel Wallenstrom of Wickr

    In an industry where a large percentage of communication happens digitally, ensuring that your communications are secure is a growing concern. Joel Wallenstrom, CEO and president at Wickr, shares how building products that fit enterprise users’ security needs requires integrating security into the development process. Listen to the podcast here.

    3. Security Process in Open Source Communities

    From the Heavybit Library: Tackling Enterprise Security Challenges

    “Doing security for open source is an interesting parallel to doing security for a startup in that absolutely nobody has any time to devote to working on anything besides the core of what you’re doing,” says Alex Gaynor, former director of the Python Software Foundation. In his Heavybit Speaker Series talk, he talks about the ethics of open source security processes. Alex shares what open source teams can do to design a security process that’s effective enough to provide peace of mind, but lightweight enough not to intrude on their team’s productivity. Watch the Speaker Series talk here.

    4. User Management and Access Control

    At DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready Products, our speakers covered how startups can design, build and sell products for enterprise organizations. In his session on user management and access control, Eugenio Pace, CEO and co-founder of Auth0, shared his experience tackling the challenges of identity management. In this talk he covers why identity management isn’t a “solved” problem, why it matters, and solutions that have worked for him. Watch Eugenio’s session here.

    5. Strategies for Security: When, Why and How

    “We feel like security is different than when we prioritize features for our product, or we prioritize how we shop at the grocery store. The fact is, it’s a process. It’s the same as what we’re going to do anything else.”

    Adam Ely, VP and Deputy CISCO for Walmart, knows that security can be a pain in the ass. But for companies selling into enterprise teams, it’s also critical to get right. In his Speaker Series talk, he shares his experience leading application security for teams at Salesforce, TiVo and The Walt Disney Company, covering everything from the basics of why you should care about security as a business investment to how to prioritize your security to-do list for optimal impact. Watch the Speaker Series talk here.

    Learn More with DevGuild: Enterprise Security

    Missed DevGuild: Enterprise Security, or just want to revisit the sessions? We’ll be publishing recordings of all of our talks to the Heavybit library. Subscribe for updates and we’ll let you know when they’re available!

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