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Videos: App Security, Pricing and Demand Engineering

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This week’s video releases come from a wide variety of speakers with one thing in common — every one of them has built an early business unit within one of today’s leading SaaS companies. From designing security strategies, to building demand generation processes, to solving the pricing and sales equation — these speakers will teach you how specialists hone their craft and approach over time.

Bluebox COO Adam Ely, Strategies for Security: When, Why, How: Security is important for every start-up but it’s vital for those building developer-focused, infrastructure or enterprise products. Unfortunately security is also time consuming, never-ending, and can be a real pain in the ass. COO of Bluebox and former application security head for Salesforce’s Heroku business unit Adam Ely teaches you how to approach security, when to do so as a start-up, and why it will save you time.

PagerDuty VP Marketing Nisha Ahluwalia, Demand Engineering: Building a Go-to-market Execution Engine: Marketing is a mix of science and art for which there is no playbook. Every company needs a marketing engine specific to their product with the right tools and metrics in place for generating demand. In this talk, Ahluwalia explains three essential pieces of this engine — lead generation, product marketing, and buzz marketing. Audiences walk away equipped with the knowledge to build a repeatable, scalable and predictable startup marketing engine.

Heroku Director of Product Matt Soldo, How to Sell More with Math: The goal of every startup is to build products that customers want and love. But how do you quantify what customers want? How do you know what features they’ll pay for? Heroku’s Matt Soldo will provide a powerful framework for analyzing products not as a black box, but as a collection of independent attributes that can be measured and modified. He’ll cover the basic math (linear regressions) needed, questions for thinking about your product, and tactics to improve your product’s pricing.

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